Who we are
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Who we are


Parma IS and HPP technology: freshness as a quality brand.

Parma ISmakes freshness its quality brand. Parma Is was born from the intuition of offering the consumer a convenient and ready-to-eat product, to replace the meal with a fresh and genuine proposal, using “high-end” products that can respond to the growing demands of the market.


The company “Parma Is: Fresh Ideas” is based in Traversetolo, its facility and machinery are state-of-the-art and it has achieved the most important certifications as far as quality and food safety are concerned. In particular, the company is among the few in Italy to use HPP technology.

HPP technology: what is this about?


The acronym HPP stands for High Pressure Processing. The HPP method is a non-thermal innovative process whereby food products are subjected to pressures that are thousands of times higher than atmospheric pressure.


In this way food-borne pathogens, present in both solid and liquid foods, are inactivated, so as to make the food microbiologically stable, preservable and safe. Today, HPP technology is widespread in the US and is also used in Japan and Australia. The need to preventively guarantee that foods are safe for the consumer also entails qualitative advantages:high pressure processing extends the products shelf life and keeps better quality during their commercial life



Il Pagnotto is Parma Is’s proposal for tasty and delicious breaks. Thanks to the new HPP technology you will be able to take a break with a very fresh and high-quality sandwich, made up of refined ingredients. Il Pagnotto combines the softness of bread with rigorously Italian raw materials.


There are three product lines from which you can choose according to the moments and needs. Il Pagnotto was born in 2013 but the offer is increasingly enriching with new proposals, catering to all tastes (organic and vegan).



Fresh sauces without preservatives that alter their flavour. Together with the classic Guacamole and Hummus sauces we also propose the super-fresh diced Italian tomato sauce, perfect pairings with pasta, or even just with bread as an aperitif and side dish.


Everyone will love these sauces. With a stylish pack that is easy to display, even vertically, they will stand out among fresh foods and vegetables. 150 or 500 g: two formats, the right amount for an aperitif with many good friends or for a family barbecue. Let yourself be tempted by our line of Crude sauces, exactly as in nature.



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